Optional components

Optional components – The right components for all applications

Depending on the model, it is possible to integrate a number of optional components. Whether PC, printer, RFID, barcode scanner or different sensors – the installation of the components during the manufacturing process helps to prevent a system failure caused by heat build-up or a short circuit.

Some examples taken from practice:

Example: Canteen – Self-service restaurant
Short lunch break? Little time? Don’t fancy long queues? No problem at all! With additional components, you can provide your customers with a top-class self-service terminal. Intuitively, choose the menu with the integrated touch display, pay cashless fast and easily by credit or debit card and have the payment receipt printed immediately.

However, as yet, we cannot cook.

Example: Gym

Your client is doing the hundredth repetition of one and the same boring exercise? The trainer prefers flirting with other members or working behind the bar? Not a problem at all! With a digital trainer and the suitable software, you are able to provide your customers with a training plan that is specifically tailored to their needs and goals.

Example: Electronic payment transactions

Need to transfer money quickly or pay with the new Bitcoin currency? Wish to convert money into Bitcoins or quickly transfer money via PayPal? Here, the Flycoin model is the ideal solution.