Digital Signage

Patrick Jullien

Digital Signage is a sub segment of signage using digital technologies to display content. Technically speaking, it’s the combination of traditional audiovisual products such as displays and speakers with computer and network technology.

A simple digital signage solution includes the following basic components
• One or more displays
• A digital signage software to create and distribute contents
• A mini PC or media player to display the contents created
• A network connection such as LAN, WiFi or 3G/UMTS (for online contents).

In addition to all hardware components that are necessary for the operation of a digital signage solution, we will also provide you with comprehensive services in terms of installation and set-up of the systems. We are happy to help you create and provide content – we offer complete industry solutions.

Why digital signage?
• With our innovative products and services, we assist you with the presentation of your company and products to the outside world
• In contrast to conventional advertising means, digital signage solutions offer countless possibilities of information transfer
• No recurring costs (caused by the short-lived printing of posters) and no dependencies on suppliers and service providers arise for you
• Communicate professionally prepared content and commercials at any time without having to do much for it
• Customer acquisition and customer retention tools can be easily incorporated
• Automatic updates always ensure the promotion of the latest products and services