Digital Signage Software

Patrick Jullien

Behind every impressive Digital Signage content, there always is a powerful digital signage software.

Want to manage your content centrally and contribute, update and monitor it on many different displays? With the right digital signage software, all of this is possible fast, easily and intuitively.

That’s how a digital signage software works:

1. Text, image, and video files, contents from servers, databases, online storage, premade templates and interactive applications constitute the media collection, i.e. the input.

2. After uploading the media collection, roles can be assigned and authorizations granted; e.g. the graphic designer can get permission to edit the images and the marketing department is authorized to change the texts.

3. Now, the different media can be placed on the screen, adjusted in size and separated in different places. The background, font color and type, animated effects and transitions for the different media can be adjusted.

4. Before publishing, the result can be checked in the preview mode.

5. The content created can now be published on all displays in the network and operated by the viewer in an interactive manner.

6. Depending on the application, the user behavior can be analyzed and evaluated to improve the service quality.