VIONDIS – Your personal trainer at the gym

Patrick Jullien

Friday evening – you’ve had an exhausting week.

Stressful project completion, in trouble with the boss and long hours in the office until late in the evening. With the weekend ahead, you need to clear your mind. No talking, if possible, completely focused on doing what’s on your exercise plan.

Off to the gym! Quickly and without small talk, you pass the VIONDIS access terminal with your membership wristband.

Quickly into the changing room, then a warm-up. Right next to the treadmill, your personal trainer, Dink, is waiting for you. Dink is a VIONDIS totem that scans your member wristband and immediately displays your personal exercise plan.

Two hours later, you have reached today’s goal – all that’s left is just a quick shower. The access terminal in the changing room shows you the next available shower cubicle.

Let the weekend begin!


Digital Signage tailored to your specific needs

Our gym example is just one example out of many, demonstrating the manifold opportunities of the VIONDIS digital totems for Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Information (POI) purposes.

Whether indoors or in public spaces – the products will always be configurated in accordance with your specifications.

The possible applications of these ‘digital helpers’ are almost unlimited.


More examples taken from practice