Oriented directly towards the customer

Patrick Jullien

May I help you?

12.30 in the canteen, rush hour. You are hungry but you certainly do not have time for the long queue at the counter. An important project meeting is scheduled for 13.00.

A possible solution – a VIONDIS self-service terminal.

Here, you can select your desired menu using the integrated, intuitive touch display. Just confirm and pay cashless – the receipt is printed automatically.
While you are collecting a tray, cutlery and something to drink, your order is already being processed in the kitchen. And as you have found a fellow colleague to share a table with, your menu is being served.

Digital signage tailored to your specific needs

Our canteen example is just one example out of many, demonstrating the manifold opportunities of the VIONDIS digital totems for Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Information (POI) purposes.

Whether indoors or in public spaces – the products will always be configurated in accordance with your specifications.
The possible applications of these ‘digital helpers’ are almost unlimited.


More examples taken from practice