Interactive experience in XXL-Format – VIONDIS Touch Tables

Patrick Jullien

Your architect has completed the design for your new house.

You are on your way to the architectural office. The whole family wants to come.

Nervousness kicks in. Have all wishes been taken into consideration? Will the children be quiet until everything has been discussed?

At the architect’s, you’re going straight into the meeting room. No projector, no screen, no PC – just a huge touch table in the middle of the room.

The architect starts the presentation – and your house becomes reality! Virtually, the whole family is able to inspect even the smallest corners of the house. Whether children’s room or the direct connection between house and garage – everyone is thrilled. And you can easily write your comments directly onto the screen using your fingers.


VIONDIS Touch Tables turn presentations into interactive experiences.

Interactive communication and interaction at the touch tables captures the spectator’s attention and interest – whether customer, visitor, pupil or student.

Complex project issues, teaching content or important information in general can be conveyed autodidactically and explored by the customers themselves.


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